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We all need time off - time to unwind, recalibrate and refresh body and soul. Light a candle, run a bath, take a breath, slow down.

From a soothing candle to bodycare treats, explore our beautifully scented Indulge collection.

Rabot 1745 - Syèl Eau de Parfum - 1.69fl oz.

Syèl Eau de Parfum

Exotic patchouli & spicy nutmeg

Rabot 1745 - Koray Eau de Parfum - 1.69fl oz

Koray Eau de Parfum

Fresh bergamot, floral jasmine, warm cacao

Rabot 1745 - Liquid Chocolate Body Mask - 7fl oz

Liquid Chocolate Body Mask

A deeply enriching home spa treatment

Rabot 1745 - Cacao & Vanilla Candle - 7.76oz

Cacao & Vanilla Candle

Rich & creamy cedarwood fragrance.

Rabot 1745 - Cacao & Vanilla Room Diffuser - 7fl oz

Cacao & Vanilla Room Diffuser

Escape to our Saint Lucian cacao estate

Rabot 1745 - Cacao & Almond Bath and Body Oil - 7fl oz

Cacao & Almond Bath and Body Oil

Aromatic vitamin-rich bath treat

Welcome to Rabot 1745, Hotel Chocolat’s beauty-mad sister brand, where we’re as passionate about putting the good stuff on your skin as we are about eating it.

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