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Today is World Environment Day and this year’s theme is the fight against air pollution which the World Health Organisation estimates kills 4.2 million people annually.

With such a grim statistic it’s easy to believe that, as individuals, we can’t have a direct effect on the environment - be that air quality, the ocean, waste management or what we consume - but nothing is further from the truth. Every small thing we do does help - and the more positive changes you make the more likely you are to continue: they’ll become part of your daily life and you’ll never go back. We all want to be environmentally, ethically and socially conscious and by making small but sustainable changes to how we live we can make a real and lasting difference to the world.

PLANT a tree, either straight into the ground or in a pot if you have limited space. Trees both absorb CO2and act as a filter for airborne dust and pollution particles.

GROW bee-friendly flowers to help with pollination and bio-diversity. Try foxgloves, cosmos, snapdragons, lavender and borage.

WASH clothes at 30°rather than 40°. By dropping your daily wash temperature by ten degrees you’ll use up to 40% less energy.

ENJOY homegrown salad leaves all summer long. It’s so easy to do and can be sown in pots. A packet of seeds will produce mixed leaves throughout the summer (and cut down on grocery store-bought plastic bags of salad).

STOP using disposable coffee cups. Have a couple of reusable ones instead and you’ll find that more and more coffee shops are offering a discount. We’re launching our Rabot coffee cups, filled with divine body scrubs, soon.

SWAP unrecyclable plastic wrap for reusable food covers (the Rabot team use CoverMate). Yes, they look like shower caps over your plate of leftovers but they’re microwavable, washable, reusable, BPA and PVC free.

REDUCE your usage of single-use plastic bags in the fruit and veg section at the grocery store.

AVOID products containing glitter or microbeads: both have been shown to enter the food chain and, as microplastics, are ingested by sea life.

CHALLENGE yourself to replace one of your car journeys this week with walking or cycling and another with taking public transport.

USE Freecycle to rehome unwanted items rather than dooming them to landfill.

We’d love to know what changes you’re making. Use #WorldEnvironmentDay and tag us on Instagram (@rabot1745beautyusa) and Facebook (@rabot1745USA).

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