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The Estate. The Inspiration.

Since 1745, the Rabot Estate has farmed cocoa on the Caribbean paradise of Saint Lucia. Our beauty range, boutique hotel and London restaurant are all inspired by our love of the island, the people and the plants that flourish there.

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Wise Words

Born from an exquisite devotion to Cocoa.

Hotel Chocolat's Angus Thirlwell invited modern apothecary Andrew Gerrie to explore the Rabot Estate and imagine what the essence of our estate would look like, bottled.

Deep within our dappled groves, Andrew experimented with the rich collection of flora on the estate to craft a range of natural and nourishing cocoa-inspired beauty products known today as Rabot 1745.

Rabot 1745 Story

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Island Resort

A unique island getaway and rainforest spa nestled amongst our Saint Lucian cocoa plantation.

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